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How To Save Android From Attacked by Malicious Virus/Malware

Prevent  Virus  Malware Attack Android

Topic: Save Android From Virus/Malware. Android users remain cautious because their android is not 100% safe from viruses and malware so should avoid viruses or malware for android phones. For that, I will share some easy steps to keep your android smartphone safe from viruses and malware.

How To Save Android From Attacked by Malicious Virus/Malware

1. Always Use Antivirus

Although the android itself can avoid viruses using Application Sandbox, but you have to install anti-virus applications to keep your android safe. There are many anti-virus applications in the Google Play Store. Instead, choose a reputable anti-virus app, such as Avast, Kaspersky, BitDefender, AVG, TrustGo, Trend Micro, Lookout, Symantec and Sophos.

2. Download Applications from Trusted Places

There are so many sites that provide free android apps. The more sites android application providers, you must be careful in choosing a trusted application site. Better, you download android apps just in the Play Store only because Google has guaranteed that the app is safe even if 100% is not necessarily safe. At least, Google always monitors every app in the Play Store, and they will remove any unsafe apps.

3. Do Not Install Suspicious Applications

Do you remember the first time BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) app launches for the Android platform? Lots of fake BBM apps available on the Play Store are detrimental when you install them on your smartphone. Seeing this, you must think that a trusted android app store classmates Play Store can be conceded with fake applications that always carry the virus and / malware.

Not only BBM, many suspicious applications are widely circulated in the Play Store. So you have to be more careful. It's good you see testimonials or existing reviews of the applications to be installed. But it will be even better if you install a paid application. Typically, paid apps may have guaranteed security so your smartphone is protected from harmful viruses.

4. Always Update Software and System

Every application you download must be updated regularly when there is a software update from the developer. Always update the software there must be increased security of the application. The newer for the android version will be more secure from the virus.

Always update the Operating System. Typically, android manufacturers definitely provide updates for the latest OS of their products. Like the Android phone One Mito Impact A10. This smartphone has been guaranteed updates for the latest Operating System from Google.

Any latest Operating System updates will have improvements and enhancements from older OS versions to minimize your Android from being exposed to viruses and malware. If your phone gets an OS update, you do not hesitate to update it.

5. Take advantage of Security Settings

For avoid the phone from virus attacks, you must maximize the security settings on your smartphone. How to do it? Go to Settings - Security menu, check in Verify Apps. By doing this setup, every time you install the application, you will get a notification to see if the application you are installing is safe or not.

6. Avoid Choosing Auto Connect Wi-Fi

Choosing settings on auto-connect Wi-Fi can invite danger. You should avoid auto connecy Wi-Fi because if your android phone connected to Wi-Fi auto Connect it can be easily hacked by hackers. The hackers usually steal your personal data such as emails, usernames and passwords on the phones they break into.

However, you can still use third party applications as a security Wi-Fi connection, such as SSH Tunnel application because this application can make your Wi-Fi connection safe from hacker’s attacks. To turn off Wi-Fi auto connect settings, go to the menu, then choose Wireless & Network> WiFi Setting, then turn off the Auto Connect function for Wi-Fi.

7. Avoid Applications That Ask Your Personal Data

You remain cautious and avoid any suspicious applications that request access to your data or personal information. Usually this application asks your email address, username or password in order to steal your personal data.

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